The Top Trends in Basement Remodels Right Now

Dusty And Dark Basements? Not Anymore!

Gone are the basements of yesteryear – you know the ones. With those creaky steps that lead down to a dark and damp space with a single light bulb and a stark string hanging down. No, today’s basements are complete extensions of your home, complete with your style, personality and design throughout. With so many different ways to design and style a basement, the possibilities are endless. Basement remodels aren’t just trending, by the way. Completely renovated, overhauled and remodeled basements are here to stay. They’re an easy and generally affordable way to create more space within your home without the hassle of having to think about a big move. Basement remodels are one of the best ways to extend your home’s current reach, without breaking the bank.


Choose A Basement Remodel That Works for You

There are so many ways to design and build a basement remodel. With the advent of virtual schooling and more and more companies opting to give employees the benefit of working from home, many basement remodels are providing families home office suites as well as areas to complete schooling at home. In fact, those two items have hit the top trends in basement remodels in the past few years. But there’s plenty more to do with a basement remodel other than work or school.

Basements are here to play. From young kid havens to adult sporting entertainment, we’ve got a basement remodel solution for you. But before you go crazy designing your dream basement scenario, keep one thing in mind, try to opt for the most open space design concept possible. Basements are unique areas to design because of their sub-level presence. Window space may be at a premium meaning you need a way to create a bright and light area since natural light may be scarce. Not to worry, that doesn’t mean that your basement remodel will be dark, in fact, quite the opposite! Keeping your space as open as possible when designing your basement remodel will allow for light to keep your room bright. Additionally, consider selecting neutral paint colors in lighter tones that will allow light to reflect well and keep the room light and airy.

Another trend when it comes to basement remodeling? Blending space needs in order to fit all your family’s needs in one place. By effectively organizing and setting up your space, you can have room for kid’s toys, your teenager’s gaming console and a comfy space to entertain guests and family. By keeping your room flexible for multipurpose use, you’ll be able to get the best bang for your buck when remodeling your basement while adding extra space and storage for your whole family to enjoy. You may even consider opting for a pull-out sofa when decorating the space to create more overnight space for guests.


Get The Pros In – Remodeling Pros Do Basements Right

The most important thing to consider when beginning a basement remodel is who you will trust with your project. From the design and planning phase, through demolition and construction, you want to partner with a remodeling company that hires only expertly skilled contractors and who’s primary interest and focus is you, the customer. That’s what sets Remodeling Pros apart from the rest. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each remodeling job we do. We are dedicated to doing the job right, the first time and communicating along the way as we partner with homeowners to bring their dreams of basement remodel to life. Give us a call today and see how we can make your basement dreams a reality.

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