How To Make The Most of Your Basement Remodel

We love a good basement. Unfinished? Even better. What some people may see as a dingy dark place primed for the set of a horror movie, we see as a blank canvas that can totally transform and upgrade your home. When you choose to remodel or finish your basement space, you’re making a decision that has lasting impact. Not only will you expand your home in a variety of ways but you’re making a safe and wise investment that’s sure to pay off when it comes to sell down the road.

The biggest question to answer when remodeling your basement is: what on earth should I do? The options and possibilities are endless but it all really comes down to what you need most in your home. A basement remodel allows you to expand the livable space in a variety of ways. Bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment and storage are all just the starting point of a basement remodel. If you’re wondering what to do with your upcoming basement remodel, we’ve got some ideas so keep reading below!

Bedroom Space for Guests

No, we aren’t saying to throw your in-laws in the basement, but with a beautifully thought-out design, we bet your guests will love staying in your remodeled guest suite. Try to stick to neutral and light color choices when designing and decorating in order to best reflect light which will brighten the space as well as help it appear bigger.

Texture is important! Soft throw pillows and blankets will help to warm a bedroom space and make it feel cozy for guests. When decorating the space, opt for shorter furniture with thin lines. This will help create a bigger feel within the room, especially if your basement has lower ceilings. If your basement bedroom has a window be sure to keep the ledge clear of décor in order to let as much light in as possible. And speaking of light, a small lamp on a bedside table creates a happy ambiance that we think your guests will really appreciate!

Extra Living Space

Trouble agreeing what show to watch at night? When you turn your basement into a second living room you open up the option for multiple viewing areas! An additional living space in your basement also provides a space for kids to stretch out, hang out or just be out of sight and earshot.

Filling your basement living space with comfortable furniture that’s light in color will give the room an overall chill vibe. Consider installing recessed lighting which will brighten the room and eliminate any thought that basements are dark and dank. Add shelving to walls for planned décor and you’ll achieve a homey feel to your basement living space that’s both comfortable and refined.

Entertainment Galore

Movie night just got a whole lot cooler with an in-home entertainment room in your basement! We’re thinking oversized chairs or floor pillows, luxuriously soft carpet, and a massive big screen tv or, even better, a projector!

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you transform your basement into a theater and entertaining space. But don’t stop at movie night… basement entertainment rooms are great for gaming centers, recreational games like pool, foosball or air hockey. Throw in an in-home bar and you won’t want to ever leave home!

Don’t Forget Storage!

Basements are great for storage whether they’re finished or not, but if you’re remodeling your basement into a living space, be sure to take your storage needs into consideration. Thankfully it’s easy to get creative with storage. From furniture with storage features such as built-in drawers into bed frames, top-lifting storage ottomans and slim lined cabinetry, to dedicated closet space, accounting for a place to store your things is an important aspect to your remodel design. Utilizing a designer to help you plan out your individual storage needs can be really helpful in the overall remodeling process.

Customize with Professionals

Renovating and remodeling a basement is a huge undertaking. The payoff is totally worth it but you want to be sure that you have experts who are well experienced in basement renovations doing the actual work. The basement Remodeling Pros at are seasoned  professionals when it comes to every part of a basement renovation

We’ll help you design space you’re looking for that best suits you and your family’s needs all while keeping your budget in mind. We’re hands on and communicative throughout the entire remodeling process in order to best meet your needs and expectations. From the first measurement to the final walk through you can trust that Remodeling Pros is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Visit us online to learn more about what we do and then give us a call and one of our customer service specialists will help get you started!

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