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Boost Your Home’s Appeal with A Basement Remodel in Lititz PA

Basements are the hidden gem of the home. Mostly thought of as dark, drab and dusty, basements have the potential to become the hub of your home and the family hang out area. And in today’s world of virtual schooling and working from home, a finished basement has become even more important. There are so many options when it comes to designing a basement and creating a space that is both functional and also beautiful. Finishing and or remodeling a basement gives you the extra space you need without the hassle of having to list, sell and move your entire home. Whether you’re looking for extra bedrooms and bathrooms, more space for the kid’s toys and activities, an entertainment center where you can host events, or even a personalized gym and workout zone, remodeling your basement opens your home up to so much more.

Designs As Unique as You

What comes to your mind when you think about designing a basement to fit you and your family’s needs? Are out of town guests typically relegated to a sofa in your living room? Maybe you need a guest suite with a full bathroom in order to provide a more spacious and comfortable place for your out-of-town guests and family. Perhaps you feel inundated with kid’s toys, puzzles, games and general stuff. Remodeling your basement into a kid’s haven where clutter can be organized, and kids can play is an excellent option.

Teenage kids needing a hangout space? Transform your basement space into a gaming center where teens can hang out, game, watch movies and move around in a bit more space. Or maybe you’re an empty nester with space to remodel in order to entertain. Consider a comfortable basement remodel with a cozy living space and plenty of space to entertain included! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to designing a basement remodel. And if you have a basement that is in need of a remodel but aren’t entirely sure where to begin or what you would want to do with the space, trust the design specialists at Remodeling Pros to help you narrow down a design and layout that will work best with your house and budget. We’ve helped lots of people transform their basement space through a remodel and we know that we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Navigating The Intricacies of Basement Remodels in Lititz PA

When taking on a basement remodel, there’s a lot to consider. The importance of using a licensed, insured and professional contractor cannot be understated. Basements present their own unique intricacies that need to be handled at the most professional level. You need a true expert basement remodeling company with professional contractors. From electrical panels to HVAC systems and ductwork, there are a lot of details that need to be accounted for when designing and remodeling a basement. When you use the basement remodeling professionals at Remodeling Pros, you can rest assured that we’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to remodeling all different kinds of basements, and we know all the ins and outs that come with turning your basement into a dream space that works for you and your entire family. We’ll take a look at the all the factors typically present in a basement and look at how to rework the basic structure in order to transform the space in an effective yet structurally sound way.

While it can be overwhelming and stress-inducing to think about all of the factors that go into making a basement remodel successful, when you use the professional remodeling contractors at Remodeling Pros, we know how to handle your basement remodel from soup-to-nuts and excel at making basement remodels low-stress experiences for our customers. From egress requirements to climate considerations for below-ground spaces as well as moisture control and lighting to brighten the space; Remodeling Pros takes the stress out of your basement remodel project so you can focus on what matters most, enjoying your new space in your current home. 

What You Can Expect from Our Remodeling Contractors

Hiring the expert remodeling contractors at Remodeling Pros sets you up for basement remodel success. You can expect us to handle every aspect of your basement’s remodel as well as answer any question you have and work with you on any issues that may pop up along the way. From the time you place the call to one of our customer service specialists, we’ll handle your basement remodel with care and integrity because guaranteeing your satisfaction is our number one priority. It may be helpful to take a look at what to expect when you engage with us on a basement remodel so that you can take time to think through what you’ll need to do in order to get ready for you remodel.

Meet & Design

We want to get to know you! This will help us develop an idea of how you’ll want to use your basement space and what factors to consider when drawing up a plan and layout. We’ll use this time to talk about other pre-construction factors to consider such as budget and timeline. We encourage customers and clients to have a general idea of what they are looking to spend budget-wise prior to meeting with us so that we can narrow down a more specific design.

Measure & Order

Just one of the amazing perks of using Remodeling Pros is that we are a full-service contracting and remodeling company. That means we handle all the aspects of your construction and remodel. We’ll measure everything and then will be able to order materials and supplies in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Using a professional contracting and remodeling company to order supplies means that we know how much of what to order, reducing waste and surplus that may eat at your budget.

Demolition & Remodel

Your basement may be bare if it’s never been professionally finished before, but that doesn’t mean it’s quite ready to build back up for a remodel yet. We’ll take any ductwork, HVAC, plumbing and electrical into consideration before starting any construction remodeling. Properly accounting for what’s going behind your walls before they go up ensures that your new space is safe, structurally sound and will pass inspection. We don’t cut corners so you can be sure that we do the work right, the first time.

Final Clean & Walk Through

Once your basement space has been thoroughly transformed by the professional remodeling contractors at Remodeling Pros, we’ll do a full clean of your newly built space and remove any leftover debris before taking you through a final walk through. We know that you’ll just fall in love with your newly remodeled basement. What’s not to love about adding new space and potential to a home you presumably already love? You’ll be wowed by the low stress experience that comes with a Remodeling Pros basement remodel and we guarantee your satisfaction, 100%.

Don’t leave your basement remodel to chance, hire a professional remodeling company that guarantees your satisfaction, every time. At Remodeling Pros, we don’t just see you as a customer, but as a partner in building and transforming your home into a place you love.

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