Avoiding Top Mistakes in A Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms Are Our Safe Space

If there’s one room in your house that everybody counts as a necessity, it would be the bathroom. Though it’s no surprise that everyone makes use of a bathroom throughout their day, many of us find our at-home bathroom to be a safe space where we can unwind from a busy day, refresh after a hard workout or home project, or even a place where we find ourselves applying self-care routines to destress. No matter how you use your bathroom, and we can guarantee that you do, it’s a place where you find yourself multiple times a day. So, if you’ve decided that it’s time to remodel your bathroom in order to accommodate a growing family, or you’re in need of more space to unwind, you need to carefully consider some pretty important aspects before diving into a remodel.

Though bathrooms are oftentimes some of the smaller rooms within your home, they are by far one of the most intricate. Bathrooms pack a big punch behind the walls with electrical and plumbing coming together with moisture ventilation and climate control to boot. The number one mistake we’d like to caution you to avoid is embarking on a bathroom remodeling project on your own. By hiring a professional bathroom remodeling contractor and company, you can save yourself the hassle and headache of accounting for every minute detail that goes into properly planning and executing a bathroom remodel yourself.


Avoid Falling Victim to These Mistakes

Many homeowners fail to properly account for a lot of aspects of bathroom usage when planning and designing a bathroom remodel. Things like door clearances (for your bathtub, shower, toilet and even vanity drawers) need to be carefully measured and accounted for so that you don’t run into awkward clearances when your remodel is complete. Using a professional bathroom remodeling company will save you the hassle of trying to measure and account for these things yourself.

Installing proper ventilation is an absolute essential to any bathroom remodel. Bathrooms produce the most amount of moisture of any room in your home. That’s because it’s a small space, combined with multiple hot water producers like showers, baths and sinks and they all come together to produce lots of steam. Left unmitigated, that steam can wreak serious havoc on your home. Properly ventilating your bathroom means getting that moisture out of the room and your house in an efficient manner. Professional bathroom remodeling contractors like those at Remodeling Pros have plenty of experience with installing bathroom ventilation systems into homes during bathroom remodels.

Accounting for proper storage is another essential to-do on your bathroom remodel list. Again, we can’t emphasize enough that your bathroom will probably be one of the smallest rooms in your home but will need to accommodate a large amount of stuff. Even if you’re a minimalist at heart, bathroom storage is an absolute must. Using professional designers when planning out your bathroom remodel allows you to maximize the storage space in your bathroom in order to keep your new space looking as clean and organized as possible.

And rounding out our list of things to watch out for when planning your bathroom remodel is to plan your budget carefully. If you’re remodeling an older bathroom, there’s no telling what may lie behind those walls and unfortunately contractors don’t have x-ray vision. In order to save yourself time and a major headache, build a contingency into your budget and don’t touch it unless an unforeseen circumstance arises. That way you’ll be able to bring your dream bathroom to life without breaking the bank.


Trust A Bathroom Remodeling Pro to Bring Your Dreams to Life

The experts agree, using a trusted bathroom remodeling company to bring your bathroom dreams to life is the best choice you can make when undergoing a renovation. From the planning and designing of the space to the demolition and plumbing rough-ins and all things electrical, professional bathroom remodeling contractors are licensed, insured and have the knowledge and skill to handle a full-scale bathroom remodel. When you choose the professionals at Remodeling Pros, you’re getting the absolute best in the business. We love partnering with homeowners to bring their dreams to reality by creating bathroom spaces that are both functional and beautiful. We offer 100% satisfaction with every project we complete and know that you’ll be satisfied when you see your project come to life. Give us a call today and let’s dream up a bathroom remodel together!


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