Are White Kitchens Out of Style?

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Depending on where you look on the internet, and there is a lot out there that you can look to, white cabinets may be in, no wait, maybe they’re out. Those that stay up to date on the latest in kitchen designs and trends may notice that the popularity of installing all white kitchens is on the decline compared to, let’s say, five years ago. If you’re looking to embark on a kitchen remodel using a professional kitchen remodeling company, you need to take some time to think about the design trend you’re going for. While technically speaking, white kitchens are not trending right now, they are certainly a design style that just about everyone would agree is timeless.

The Timeless Beauty of White

When we say that white cabinets are timeless when it comes to kitchen design, we mean that they will always withstand the test of time. Though other colors may be currently trending, those colors will eventually fade from popularity and as time marches on will almost certainly be able to timestamp that kitchen’s particular remodel year. As most homeowners will remodel the kitchen in their home once during their lifetime, we typically see homeowners opt for design styles that will withstand the test of time and won’t date their house in five to ten years.

Choosing white cabinets is always a smart move when remodeling your kitchen because cabinetry tends to take up the most space. Choosing a bright and neutral color like white allows you to brighten up your kitchen space while also creating the appearance of more room as white reflects light well and is a non-intrusive color.

But don’t think for a minute that by choosing white cabinets you are relegating your kitchen remodel to boring or predictable. In fact, one of the best reasons to choose white kitchen cabinets when you are remodeling your kitchen is because it allows you to play around with design choices and color schematics in less obtrusive ways. Cabinetry is probably your biggest expense during a kitchen remodel so by making bolder choices in accent pieces within your kitchen you allow yourself to change your mind in the future without the cost burden of wanting to change your cabinets.

Leaving Your Mark on Your Kitchen Remodel

So just how can you take white kitchen cabinetry and make bold and dramatic choices to reflect your own personality in your kitchen remodel? Let us count the ways! Let’s start with countertops. Looking for a farmhouse look? Consider the warmth and texture of butcher block. You can also play around with colors and texture in your granite, quartz, soapstone or marble stone-based countertops. The artistic veining within these stones will tend to become a focal point within your kitchen. If you’re looking for an industrial look, consider poured concrete countertops for a sleek and cool look.

Your backsplash is another way to display your personality and design aesthetic during your kitchen remodel. Tile patterns and color, along with grout, are numerous in combinations and allow you to personalize your space to your liking. Even if you choose a neutral tile for a backsplash, you can still get creative with the way that the tile pattern is laid.

A final way to get creative is with your paint and lighting. Paint on walls is easily changed out (vs. cabinetry, which is not!) so you can choose a color that you love now, and in a few years, can change it to something you’ve decided to love more! Lighting within a kitchen can also dramatically set a tone. From recessed lighting, pendent lights, wall sconces and under cabinet LED lighting, there are so many options to choose from in order to create the atmosphere you desire most in your kitchen remodel.

Your Kitchen Remodel Dreams Brought to Life

Remember, when it comes to your kitchen remodel, you’re in the driver’s seat! Your remodeled kitchen should be a reflection of you and your style. There are so many things to consider, design elements to choose, and fixtures and finishes to select that it can be totally overwhelming. Some homeowners thrive in the selection environment and know exactly what they want. Others may know the vibe they’re trying to achieve, but don’t have the specifics down.

Either way, you need a professional kitchen remodeling company to assist you with your kitchen remodel. The expert kitchen remodeling contractors at Remodeling Pros are here to help you with full-service kitchen remodeling and renovation. We’ll help you nail down a design schematic and our skilled craftsman will bring your dream kitchen to life. We’re licensed, insured and experts when it comes to kitchen remodeling, so give us a call today and let’s get started!


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